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Monocellete Cobra

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Monocled Cobra is a famous species of Cobra found in many south-east Asian countries. India's north-east and Odisha regions are known for its wide distribution where it is found commonly. This is one of the most death causing venomous snake of its range and during monsoon bite cases increased to notable limit around agricultural lands and rural areas. It can be identified easily only if it shows hood which bears a rounded or mask shaped hood mark. Otherwise its wide range of colorations and banded forms looks close to Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa) and Checkered Keelback (Xenochrophis piscator) which gives confusion many times.

Spectacled Cobra

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A Naja naja can be easily identified by the presnce of hood and the sepectle mark on the back of the hood. The hood is spread only when the snake is aggitated, and in some specimens the hood marks are absent too. Body slender with smooth oval shaped scales. Dorsal color includes yellow, all shades of brown, grey, reddish, black or black mixed with blue, purple, red etc. Side dorsal scales are larger and clearly oval shaped while scales on the top are narrow and become pointed. Color greatly depends on geographical region. Maharashtra, whole South India, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal etc. coastal states population bear color range of yellow and brown. Sometimes dark color obtuse bands are also found on posterior body. While Central, northern & Western India population is known for dark brown or black color.