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These are a family of venomous snakes found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, terrestrially in Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, and South America, and aquatically in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Beaked sea snakes

Total Records: 1

In the Persian Gulf (Oman, United Arab Emirates, etc.), south to the Seychelles and Madagascar, Southeast Asian Sea (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam), Australia (North Territory, Queensland), New Guinea and Papua New Guinea


Total Records: 2

Africa, Asia

King cobra

Total Records: 1

Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, India, Andaman Islands, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, western Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka


Total Records: 3

India (incl. Andaman Island), Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi), Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

Oriental coral snakes

Total Records: 2

India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Brunei, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, southern China, Japan (Ryukyu Islands), Taiwan

Sea snakes

Total Records: 1

Indoaustralian and Southeast Asian waters.[5]

Shaw's sea snake

Total Records: 1

Persian Gulf to Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Indo-Australian archipelago and the western Pacific[5]