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Members include many very common snake species, such as the European grass snakes, and the North American water snakes and garter snakes. Some members of the subfamily are known as keelbacks, because their dorsal scales exhibit strong keeling.


Beddome's Keelback

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Brown above; a series of yellow spots, each between two black spots or short transverse bands, along each side of the back; upper labials yellowish with black sutures; a yellow, black-edged, oblique streak from the eye to the gape; a yellow band across the nape, behind the parietals, becoming indistinct with age; belly white, closely dotted with brown on the sides.

Olive Keelback

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Olive Keelback is uncommonly found aquatic species of family Natricidae. This is distributed in most of the peninsular India, also in Uttar Pradesh. Can be seen in paddy fields during monsoon. With number of combination of colors of belly and dorsal body it is confusing for layman to identify it quickly.