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India (incl. Andaman Island), Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia (Java, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi), Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand


Banded Krait

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Banded Krait is the largest and most widely distributed species of Bungarus (genus of Kraits) found in South-east Asia. India is western-most country of this snake's distribution. Due to its unique external morphology of bearing alternative black and yellow bands on dorsal and belly portions it can be easily identified without any confusion. It is known for feeding on all kind of snakes near water bodies with excellent command on swimming and foraging.

Common Krait

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Common Krait is an infamous venomous snake capable for delivering neurotoxic bite during night time. This is one of the most common medically significant snake also the member of Big Four" of India. Morphologically it is identified by glossy blue-black body with fine milky white bands. For precise identification sometimes it is necessary to check presence of Hexagonal scales along vertebra and prominence of bands on tail side while absence of neck region."

Wall's Sind Krait

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Body shape slender with shiny smooth scales of black color range. Body Shiny Black(commonly), Grayish Black, Bluish Black, Brownish Black etc. In dorsal body regular Milky White bands present which is characteristics of this species. Bands starts from neck region in the form of white patch or continuous white line along the length at the back scale and starts expanding as bands on moving towards tail. Bands could be Paired or Single.