Kids camp to Amba Ghat

I just came back from a 3-day (2N-3D) Kids camp to Amba Ghat, Maharashtra. Rather than calling it as "kids camp" I should call it as "Tweens & Early Teens Camp", because that was the age group of children came to this camp. 64 campers in total. I went to this camp as one of the instructor/nature expert/volunteer, whatever you may want to call it.

In search of scrub-land beauty

The distance to Ela Habitat from my place is about 70 kms. We decided to start early at around 5am so that we can reach there before the Sun could start blazing. Considering the Summer time of the year, we were not expecting too many bird sightings. Still on the way, we saw many common birds and a lone individual of a scrub-land beauty, Indian Gazelle (Chinkara).