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South and southeastern Europe, Asia Minor, north, central, west and east Africa, Arabia, central and southwestern Asia, India, Sri Lanka, southwestern Canada, the western United States, and northwestern Mexico


Common Sand Boa

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The anterior dorsal scales are only feebly keeled, but these keels increase in size posteriorly to the point that they become so heavily keeled that it can make a squirming specimen really painful to handle. This also makes it look as if the front and rear ends belong to markedly different animals. Dorsally, the color pattern consists of a broad zigzag band or a series of dark brown blotches on a yellowish or brownish grey ground color. The belly is uniform white.

Red Sand Boa

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Red Sand Boa is a widely distributed Boa found in Indian subcontinent. Among layman it is famous as Two-headed Snake" due to presence of very thick tail having rounded end. It can be easily identified by checking brown to blackish slender body having uniform thickness and small head. This is one of the most commonly used snake in snake charming work."