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Russell's Viper

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Russell's Viper is the most widely distributed Viper family member which is infamous for its fascinating whistle and long fangs. This is one of the most bite and death causing venomous snake in Indian subcontinent and the member of Big Four of India. It can be easily identified by checking oval shaped hollow or solid spots in three rows in dorsal body and highly keeled non-shiny scales. However even with specific body patterns layman sometime assume it to be juvenile of Python.

Saw-scaled Viper

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Saw-scaled Viper is the only Echis species found in India and member of famous Big Four. This is also the smallest Viperidae member with an average size of 30cm only. Indian Saw Scaled Viper's population ends eastwards in Odisha and West Bengal states with eastern-most boundary of the genus Echis. It can be identified by carefully checking very dry looking body covered with rough scales, light color rounded patches on top which are surrounded by two wavy lines from head to posterior body. In deserts and semi-deserts of India this is perhaps the most common venomous snake and so the most important medically significant reptile for deserts and semi-deserts.