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They are typically stout-bodied water snakes, and all are mildly venomous.


Dog-faced Water Snake

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Dog-faced Water Snake is one of the most widely distributed snake of Homalopsidae family. Also this is one of the most common serpent in mangroves and tidal rivers of its range. In India its distribution range is whole of costal region of mainland and Islands from Gujarat to West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Can be identified by checking brownish dorsal surface marked with darker bands or blotches. Ecologically this is one important component of mangroves and tidal rivers which checks the population of various fishes.

Glossy Marsh Snake

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Glossy Marsh Snake is a small snake of Homalopsidae family which is found uncommonly in coasts, mangroves and tidal rivers of Indian subcontinent and east Asian countries. It can be identified by checking shorter length, extremely glossy body of gray-brown color and shorter tail. This is one of the few snakes of world which tears its prey into pieces to break their limbs and takes only most nutritious part as diet.